I concentrate on interpersonal relations, self improvement, introspection and understanding of others, transferring the conclusions of these observations to my paintings. I focused primarily on the constant striving for perfection, both physical and spiritual, which I hope is clearly reflected in my works. My paintings show the features of such trends as photo-realism and pop art. Those, mixed with abstract concepts, create a intriguing yet simple in form painting, without unnecessary moralizing or pomposity. My works are not only linked by technique, framing or the characteristic use of color, but what really connects them is the beauty of the body, eroticism and the capturing of the variety of emotions hidden in every human being.

The cycle ‘Man’

In the works from the cycle ‘Man’ I tried to break all the popular patterns of the image of a man established in the modern society. My perception meets all the stereotypes to which, I think, we should not give in.

‘Man’ is not afraid to express the pleasure he gets from life. He is devoid of false modesty and he does not hide his achievements. Guided by the famous sentence carpe diem he makes the most of every moment he’s given. He’s the kind of person who chooses pleasures of body and spirit over career, wealth and power.

In this cycle I am showing a man in constant pursuit of happiness. Though he sometimes loses his way in the complicated maze that is life, he is still extraordinarily warm, sensitive, affectionate and fragile. As always I am celebrating emotions and their importance in the life of contemporary people.

The new cycle 'Man’ is created with the use of various forms of artistic expression – paintings, sculptures and installations. I wished to express myself in many ways but always according to the principle ‘less is more’. I believe my works, like ‘sculptures on canvas’, are the perfect example of that rule.

Cieslak’s ‘Women’

This exhibition was held September 2008 in the Artistic Center "Fabryka Trzciny" in Warsaw. Here I presented fifteen paintings from the cycle ‘Woman’. My inspirations were strong, courageous and confident women, not afraid of their emotions.

My works aroused a lot of interest with almost 400 guests attending the opening, among them were individuals known for their passion for art including Polish celebrities Lidia Popiel and Małgorzata Niemen, as well as highly regarded fashion designers Maciej Zień and Michał Starost. ‘I’ve known him for a long time and I’m proud of what he achieved. The exhibition is coherent and consistent. This artist is worth your attention.’ – said Maciej Zień. Michał Starost was captivated by form and style: ‘I like contrasts and black and white are just made for each other. All this is very clear and has a simple form. What I’ve seen is an interesting showcase of his art.’I created this cycle of paintings using black lines contrasting strongly with the white background. Black acrylic, applied on canvas with confident brush strokes, takes on bold feminine shapes. Black, white and red are my favourite colours. The simplicity of colour and shape are sufficient for me to depict all the emotions that inspire me.

In June 2010 I presented in Lavignes Bastille Gallery my newest paintings and images printed on mirrors.

Here I concentrated on interpersonal relations, self-improvement, introspection and understanding of others, transferring the conclusions of these observations to my paintings. I focused primarily on the constant striving for perfection, both physical and spiritual, which I hope is clearly reflected in my works.

I employed three methods designed to attract and focus the attention of the recipients of my art. My aim: to move them to the ‘other side of the canvas’. First the mirrors, by reflecting the viewers, allows them to confront with the black and white lines perfectly depicting shapes and emotions. They give the opportunity to delve into one’s own reflection and to look into oneself. The second stage is the silver applied to the canvas. At first it visibly reflects one’s face, but as the viewers move away from the painting, they lose sight of their reflection and are left only with their feelings, emotions, complexes, frustrations and inhibitions. With this method I hoped to lead the viewer to self-contemplation. Finally, the stories portrayed on the white canvas encourage analysis of our own and others’ behaviours, by drawing attention to empathy, understanding, tolerance and the acceptance of the incomprehensible, all of which are crucial in relations with others.

During this cycle I concentrated on humans as a communication tool and as a recipient of a message. I tried to present, or rather remind of, the truths that most of us neglect and put aside, forgetting that they are universal.I hoped to persuade the viewers to look into themselves and realise that they are or could be the ones presented in my paintings.


The paintings from this cycle were created in Paris in 2012. It was my longest and most creative stay in Paris so far, full of strong emotions, which are reflected in the paintings. I show here my passion and true love of the city. For the first time I used so many colours and put so many meanings on the canvas. This time not the black lines but the colorful letters define the male and female bodies, which fits perfectly to the emotions expressed on the canvas. Right now part of the cycle can be seen in Lavignes Bastill Gallery in Paris.


For my sculptures I go back to ancient Greece where body cult was very strong. Greek sculptures are my big love and here this love became my inspiration. I used plaster to make the sculptures and added a glassy form which shows to better effect the shape of the body and its structure. I celebrate the male body and show it as something perfect, strong and unbreakable. My sculptures were the complement to the "Man" cycle.Sculpture


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